Business English - Syllabus

Embark on a profound academic exploration as you delve into the Business English course (Business English) within the distinguished Tribhuvan university's BBS department. Aligned with the 2013 Syllabus, this course (MGT 201) seamlessly merges theoretical frameworks with practical sessions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Rigorous assessment based on a 100 marks system, coupled with a challenging passing threshold of , propels students to strive for excellence, fostering a deeper grasp of the course content.

This 3 credit-hour journey unfolds as a holistic learning experience, bridging theory and application. Beyond theoretical comprehension, students actively engage in practical sessions, acquiring valuable skills for real-world scenarios. Immerse yourself in this well-structured course, where each element, from the course description to interactive sessions, is meticulously crafted to shape a well-rounded and insightful academic experience.

The BBS English course is a two-pronged English course emphasizing the core areas of reading and writing alongwith a strong communication component. It is designed to help students get ahead fast with their general Englishskills in interdisciplinary contexts with the lessons covering important vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing, listening and speaking skills for general and technical English. It is a theme-based course with comprehensivecoverage of English language and critical thinking skills. Authentic listening and reading materials providemodels for up to date language, grammar, and vocabulary.

The course has the following four main components:

i) Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning English

ii) Functional English Language Texts

iii) Reading for Writing

iv) Style

General Objectives

The general objectives of the course are to

  1.  develop specific skills in core English
  2.  tech the writing modes  discuss rhetorical devices
  3.  present language points required for academic success
  4.  support serious reading and writing activities
  5.  understand and produce paragraphs, essays, letters, and report
  6.  build students' confidence in using English in professional and social scenarios
  7.  develop critical skills and cultural awareness

Specific Objectives

The specific course objectives are to teach students to:

  1.  work on writing, reading and listening skills
  2.  use correct punctuation, spelling and vocabulary
  3.  increase confidence and fluency in speaking
  4.  improve accuracy to enable clear communication of ideas
  5.  develop understanding of grammar  interact in a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary environment
  6.  focus on student's personal needs and objectives
  7.  acquire a wide interdisciplinary knowledge of different disciplines
  8.  use thought-provoking readings to develop writing skills
  9.  give students tools to write both personal and academic essays
  10.  help students write in multiple modes
  11.  encourage thinking and reflection as a prelude to writing
  12.  expand students' knowledge of grammar
  13.  introduce students to the key areas in the study of style
  14.  give suggestions for project work