Mobile Application Development - Syllabus

Embark on a profound academic exploration as you delve into the Mobile Application Development course (MAD) within the distinguished Tribhuvan university's CSIT department. Aligned with the 2074 Syllabus, this course (CSC470) seamlessly merges theoretical frameworks with practical sessions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Rigorous assessment based on a 60+20+20 marks system, coupled with a challenging passing threshold of , propels students to strive for excellence, fostering a deeper grasp of the course content.

This 3 credit-hour journey unfolds as a holistic learning experience, bridging theory and application. Beyond theoretical comprehension, students actively engage in practical sessions, acquiring valuable skills for real-world scenarios. Immerse yourself in this well-structured course, where each element, from the course description to interactive sessions, is meticulously crafted to shape a well-rounded and insightful academic experience.

Course Description: This course introduces mobile application development frameworks, architectures, design and engineering issues, techniques, methodologies for mobile application development.

Course Objective: The main objective of this course is to provide knowledge of understanding characterization and architecture with designing and developing of mobile applications.


Lab works

The laboratory should contain all the features mentioned in a course, which should include

▪ Language overview (Java, Object oriented concept)

▪ Basic Concept of Android application architecture o source, resource folder concept

    - Terminology for android

▪ Concept of android Layouts o Concept of Linear layout, Relative layout, toolbar

    - Concepts of list view, recycler view, grid view, scroll view, view pager, tab Layout

    - Create form and form validation

    - Alert Dialogs, Toast

    - Popup

▪ Shared Preference

▪ Menu

    - Option menu, context menu

▪ Introduction to Activity, Fragment

    - Simple activity information

    - Working with intents

▪ Theme and Style

▪ Database

    - Simple overview to database (simple query)

    - SQLite overview

▪ API Implementation 144

    - Working with volley

    - Working with Retrofit

▪ Advanced


    - JSON Parsing

    - Google Play Service (Maps, GPS)

    - FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)