Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Old Questions

1.  Define Artificial Intelligence (AI). Explain the behaviors of the AI. What do you mean by Turing Test? Explain it.

6 marks | Asked in 2067

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the part of computer science concerned with designing intelligence computer systems i.e. systems that exihibit the characteristics we associate with intelligence in human behaviour.

The behaviours of AI are as follows:

1. Learn from experience and apply knowledge acquired from experience

2. Handle Complex Situations

3. Solve problems with important information is missing: Decision must be made even when we lack information or have inaccurate information.

4. Determine what is important

5. React quickly and correctly to a new situation

6. Understand visual images

7. Process and manipulate symbols

8. Be creative and imaginative

9. Use heuristics

Turing Test

The Turing test, proposed by Alan Turing  was designed to convince the people that whether a particular machine can think or not. The test involves an interrogator who interacts with one human and one machine. Within a given time the interrogator has to find out which of the two the human is, and which one the machine.

To pass a Turing test, a computer must have following capabilities:

  • Natural Language Processing: To communicate easily.
  • Knowledge Representation: To store facts and rules.
  • Automated Reasoning: To draw conclusion from stored knowledge.
  • Machine Learning: To adopt new circumstances and detect pattern.

Additional requirements for the “total Turing test”: computer vision, speech recognition, speech synthesis, robotics.